Billy is a NYC-based Performer, Director/Choreographer and Photographer. He grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC sandwiched between two gifted and talented sisters. He is the only person in his family who doesn't know how to play guitar. His love for the arts was sparked at an early age when he discovered he could "re-create" the choreography to Paula Abdul's "Cold-Hearted Snake" and "perform" it for his family members. There is a VHS recording of said performance floating around somewhere.

Since then, Billy studied musical theatre at Philadelphia's University Of The Arts and performed on Broadway and regional theaters across the country. He is co-founder of BROADWAY BARKADA, a Filipino cultural organization and proudly serves as Co-Artistic Director of B-SIDE PRODUCTIONS, an exciting new theatre company in NYC. He also runs a successful photography business, BILLY B PHOTOGRAPHY.

Billy loves good food, jumping for joy and wandering around new cities. He joyfully makes his living working toward helping others uncover their own "Cold-Hearted Snake" moment.

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